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Mysterious appearance

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

About two months ago or so, they appeared, even though I've never seen them in the past 16 years.

They are called California Quail.

The first thing that I saw was the feather on top of their head which is called Topknot.

The male reminds me of a European knight with a black mask, and the female's topknot looks like a little girl's ponytail who doesn't have much hair.

About 15 of them appeared from nowhere.

They came in like a gang and ate all the food, so the Steller's jay does not like them.

Adding more, the way they eat, they make the sound like a machine gun going off, they peck really fast.

I surprised them when I went out in the back yard, I witnessed one of them running like road runner, with his head tilted to a 45-degree angle. If you see it you would laugh too.

My hubby was getting wood out from the shed yesterday.

When he left the shed to bring in the wood into the house, they came into the shed, and check things out in there like a supervisor or something.

They used to hide when we feed them, but now when we whistle they appear from nowhere. They have become almost like pets.

I was getting soil from my compost, and there is a pile of branches drying right next to the compost. I guess they stay in that branch pile sometimes, they must have thought I would get rid of this pile. Suddenly, they showed up and one went directly inside of that pile and called to her other half, and the other one was over on the fence talking back to this one. I thought the one on the fence was saying that because I was there, he couldn't be with her.

So, I told them out loud that I'm not going to bother the branch pile, I mean no harm. Just let me do this compost thing.

Then I think they understood what I said, because the one inside of the pile and the one on the fence, both flew over to the area where we feed them.

Animal communication comes handy.

You can hear how they sound and watch their hens.

Love and Peace



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