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My recent client testimonial for Soul Level Animal communication®.


two cockatiels names Mischa and Tweety

You said Mischa is still around and watches over me and he does! He’s turned on my ipad several times and played the relaxing piano music I played for him at night. You described him accurately though you didn’t know beforehand what a cockatiel looks like. I never knew he liked it when I brought him to my chest to pet him; I thought he didn’t care. And you were able to connect with my other cockatiel, Tweety, who passed away 25 years ago. I am happy they are together and best of all, I was overwhelmed when you described them spreading their wings around me to console me. You were so attuned to them and I will try to do what Mischa advised me to do—“let go” which is a very hard lesson for me to do. I will always appreciate the warmth you showed towards us during the reading.



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