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Reincarnation of pets

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Cocoa, he is 12 weeks next week, wants to play. His arms and legs are getting longer.

Black kitten wants to play

When I met him the very first time, the way he looked at me with loving eyes reminded me of my soul mate Fluffy who crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Several years ago, I wrapped string around the kitchen table legs for my kitties.

I purchased the string without thinking, and it was too thin. I remember it took me hours to do this. When it was finally done, I wanted all of my kitties to try it. So, I showed them how to use it, but only Fluffy started to scratch her nail right away. No matter how many times I showed the other kitties, they didn't even bother looking at it.

When Cocoa came into my life, I never showed him anything, yet as soon as he saw the string, he started to climb up on the legs like a monkey. Now, he does his nails and plays with Ruby.

So many things that he does really remind me of Fluffy.

There is nothing strange about believing his soul may be Fluffy's soul.

(Different animal communicators have different opinions about this topic. I respect all opinions. The following are my thoughts and opinions.)

Let's talk about the reincarnation of pets.

The reason why pets show up in your life is the result of the agreement of soul contracts.

When a person learns the lesson that they decide before they are born, or to put it another way, when pets fulfill their soul contracts, they cross over, become lost, or for whatever reason they can't live together anymore (moving, changing jobs, etc.).

For example, the human learns the lesson, and the pet crosses over.

For pets, they did everything that they were supposed to do. They completed their mission. So, there is no reason to reincarnate and help the same human in the same lifetime.

Then, you would think if I didn't finish learning the lesson, are they coming back to me?

We tend to think this way because of the strong bond that we had with the animal.

Now, let's say the human didn't finish learning the lesson.

Your pets are still helping you from heaven.

Or, he or she passes the baton to the new pets and continues learning the same lesson.

They help us in any way which is beyond our comprehension.

So, it is extremely rare for the same soul to return to the pet in the same lifetime. I believe it happens, but it is rare.

However, it is common to spend a life together with the same soul of pets in the next life.

In addition, much like my Cocoa, the pets who crossed over teach the new pets how to behave and remind humans about themselves.

Do your pets who live with you now remind you of the pets who crossed over?

Love and Peace



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