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Tara, Gang and Spring Breeze.

Hi. Everyone. I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®. Recently, whenever the sun is out, I go out in the yard with my second daughter Tara. We go Earthing together.

I love this season. Everything starting to grow, and is green, I love how the sun blankets me with warmth. But the bonus is especially there is a little breeze, there are no bugs!! The California Quel gang is still here. They seem to love the sun too. They dig little holes, just to fit in the bottom of their body and sunning. I saw two quels, male and female, facing each other and sleeping. It was so cute. They are in love. Tara loves outside too, she can go out only under my supervision but enjoys feeling the spring breeze. The other day, I let out Tara first, telling her to stay around the house and I will be there shortly. While I was getting ready, my husband said the quels are right there. I rushed outside because Tara was out too. You never guess what I witnessed. Tara was there, watching them very calmly, but Quels are just hanging around about 1 meter away from her. I didn't want Tara to go after them but as soon as I got there as if Quels are more afraid of me than my kitty, they run so fast to the other side of the yard. They can fly but for some reason, they seem to like running. The way they run is so funny too. Anyhow, Tara was just enjoying the serenity. No harm was done. I felt so grateful for being in nature. By the way, I'm joining the event, it's called "Holistic and Psychic Online Summit"

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