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The first day of harness training.

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Pixie is growing really big. I think he will be about 3 months old.

Cocoa and Ruby are teaching him really well so Pixie is turning out to be a very loving kitty.

When Cocoa and Ruby are outside with us, Pixie wants out too.

But he needs to be harness trained before.

I put a harness on him a couple of times before in the living room so he could get used to it.

Right away, he fell to the side and pretended to be paralyzed.

But he has seen the other kitties wear harnesses to go outside, so he knew he needs to get used to it.

On the very first day of harness training outside,

Gray tabby cat on grass

he stayed around the door.

He was doing ok.

Enjoying little grass, watching Cocoa and Ruby chasing each other.

He expanded his boundary little by little.

I was enjoying watching my kitties run around, knowing how they love the yard.


People next door came home, and Pixie heard the voices.

He freaked out and ran towards the door.

He was ok, and I put him in the house.

After a while, he wanted out again, so we did.

This time, he stayed around the door.

I was very surprised that he knew where the door was.

Remember, this was his first time outside.

I also was pleased to know that he feels safe around the door.

I made two short videos of my kitties.

I hope it brings you a smile.

Here is another one.

Ruby playing with an apple.

Love and Peace



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