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The power of creation

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Recently, I have noticed that something has changed about myself.

Maybe this is something to do with planetary changes or an energy that we are going through.

You probably heard of this before.

I am shy. Speaking out is not my thing.

Especially in English.

I also have a tiny bit of a perfectionist side.

I can't forget the very first interview that I had.

The day before that day, I wrote everything I planned to say and memorized it all.

But recently, I feel it is OK to say the wrong English word or sentence. I'm not perfect, and English is my second language. My accent will never go away no matter how much I try, but that's OK.

Several years ago, I was asked to teach a class on animal communication.

Also, I was asked if I could do a mediumship for humans.

Every time this kind of thing came up, I made an excuse to say, I have never taught this before, or I don't have any experience.

This wall of "fear of making mistakes" used to be huge, and it was invisible, so I couldn't see that it was right in front of me.


Photo by Pixabay

But now, this wall has crumbled down into a little pile. I can easily step over it.

We think whatever this "thing" is so powerful, yet we have the power to create it, to begin with.

What is your version of the wall?

Love and Peace



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