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Things I do for my cat. Part-2

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

****continued from Part-1****

tuxedo cat Ruby on the tree branch

If I fell from here...

There is no hospital in this town, and it's after 11 pm.

Thinking the what-ifs, my legs went numb, I couldn't move, so I gave up and came down the ladder.

There are lots of wild animals around here.

Coyotes, bobcats, cougars, bears, sometimes, I hear coyotes howling at night.

Then my hubby had an idea.

He started to dig a hole under the wire fence in our yard where Ruby had appeared before.

It was a brilliant idea but still, I had to go through the ordeal of leading Ruby to this hole, and she had to go under the fence.

Luckily, she was still hanging around the same area, and when I called her name, she came by the hole that my husband dugout.

She looked terrified, and I can feel she is not trusting me, but I can not give up now.

I called her name and tried to play with the broken branch that I found. Finally, she chased after the branch and half of her body came out from the spot.

I tried to grab her but she got away, and the chase started all over again in the yard.

In the end, she came back home after midnight.

It was chaos.

My husband and I were exhausted.

We didn't expect the same thing would happen after 3 days.

To be continued.

Love and Peace



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