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Things I do for my cat. Part-3

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

****continued from Part-2****

If I had to experience the terror and the mess, I would rethink doing it again, but she took off exactly the same way.

Tuxedo cat, Ruby, on the grass

I thought about it deeply, there must be a reason for it.

Ruby doesn't express her love for me the way she does for my husband, so I feel jealous every time she does that.

Every time I try to pet her, she takes off or moves away from me, as if she doesn't want to be touched by me.

I'm the one who feeds her, cleans her litter, and takes care of her. The last time she was missing, my husband gave up on her, but I didn't. And that's the reason why she could come home. I was telling Ruby out loud to show me more affection.

When someone hears this, they will stop doing it even more.

I started to think maybe, Ruby doesn't want to live with me. I was pushing her with my conditional love, so she was teaching me what unconditional love is by disappearing.

When Ruby was missing the second time, it was just before dark.

My hubby gave up on her and didn't even bother to look for her.

She disappeared without a trace, I had no idea where to look.

I finally understood what Ruby was teaching me, I asked angels to help me find her and keep her safe. Then for some reason, I had an idea of taking Cocoa out with me and looking for Ruby. So, I hung a flashlight from my neck and put a leash on Cocoa, and started to look for Ruby.

Not even five minutes later, Ruby showed up from nowhere. She was on top of the fence. I think Cocoa talked to her telepathically.

When she went missing the first time, she was on the ground, and it was raining, so she was wet, muddy, and probably, she encountered a neighbour's dog unpleasantly. This time, she stayed on the fence and the rooftops.

It was completely dark out, and this time, I had to go on top of something to see where she is.

In the end, she went on the fence next door, but she came home safely.

This time, I expressed my love for her, and I showed my appreciation that she came home safe.

Since this incident, she hasn't gone missing YET.

I don't know if this will happen again or not, but I feel a change from her. She has started to show her love for me a little more.

tuxedo cat, Ruby, is climbing a tree

In the same way, when humans recognize the lessons an animal is teaching and work on them, their energy changes.

(In my case, I understand Ruby is teaching me about unconditional love, and I'm working on that lesson.)

The animals see the change in energy of the humans and know that it's not necessary for them to do things they used to do in order to teach that lesson, so their behavior also changes.

What are your pets teaching you?

Love and Peace



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