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Turnip leaves or kitty nip

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

This year of 2023 is my personal year number 6 in numerology, which means I have to deal with house and family matters.

Anyways, this year I had to replace some appliances.

I just replaced a fridge the other day. Gosh! It was such a debacle.

The day the fridge came home, I had to move everything from the little freezer of the refrigerator to the big freezer. Then I put them back into a new one later.

I was cooking supper today.

I grabbed a bag of turnip leaves that I grew last year.

(It is supposed to be a superfood.)

I've been eating them, so it was only little bit left.

So, I opened the bag and put them all in.

Then for some reason, Cocoa came and looked like he wanted the food I was cooking.

I told him this is Mommy and Daddy's food it is too salty and too spicy for you.

I didn't think anything of it.

We ate the food, and it was good.

Later that night, my husband told me Cocoa was digging in the recycle bin. There was a bag that written kitty nip in that bin.

cat nip leaves

It boggled my mind. I never put that bag in the bin.

I didn't give kitty nip to them.

Then the light bulb moment crossed my mind.

I thought that bag was turnip leaves, but it was actually kitty nip that I collected and dried from plants last year.

That bag was in the freezer of the old fridge.

No wonder Cocoa came around.

Later that day, I was curious about what happens if a human ate the kitty nip.

So, I looked it up.

It says,

"Catnip is an aromatic plant that contains antioxidants and volatile compounds like nepetalactone, thymol, and pinene that may have medicinal benefits.

  • Improved Sleep. One of the most traditional uses for catnip is as a sleep aid.

  • Stress Relief. The calming effects of catnip give it many benefits for relieving chronic stress and anxiety.

  • Cold and Flu Remedy.

  • Improved Digestion.

  • Aids Skin Irritation.

I had no idea.

Although I was glad to fond out about this, I felt really bad for Cocoa. You know I apologized to him.

Do you know the benefits of catnip?

Love and Peace



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