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Who is this kitty?

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

My two soulmates crossed over the rainbow bridge in a short period. I am adjusting to living from three kitties to only one.

Uriel sitting

Uriel's character is completely different from other kitties that I lived with before. She doesn't show much affection. She is aloof, she won't let me hold her, nor pet her.

She loved Fluffy, she was always beside her. So, she always purred and came close to her.

Uriel and Fluffy

She even purrs and nudges her head to the fridge because she knows her food is in there.

But she doesn't come close to me, she doesn't even say meow to me.

I accept that in her character.

One day before Fluffy passed away, I was crying really hard on the bed.

Uriel was sleeping on the bottom of the bed. Suddenly, she woke up and screamed at me for 3 times.

She said

"I'm still here, so pull yourself together!"

Usually, she doesn't even make noise and was sleeping. So I was very surprised.

I was worried about Uriel after Fluffy passed away because she loved her so much.


Uriel is a completely different kitty now. When she is hungry, she comes to me with purring and kneading. She meows sweetly and tries to nudge her head on me too. (Sometimes she misses the spot but she is trying.)

She makes me laugh, I feel that she knows how our soul works, she rescued me from feeling blue and leading me the way as an example.

I thought she thinks of me as just a human who gives her food, but there is a reason why she is in my life. I knew that in my mind but I really felt it in my heart.

It's interesting how the soul works.

Love and Peace



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