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Hi. Everyone

I love spring the best.

The gentle breeze hitting my face so comfortably and hearing the birds chirping.

The Steller's Jay is good at mimicking the voice of other birds.

So, he is mimicking the hawk so that other the birds won't come near the bird feeder.

I wrote about this last week,

John Craig (Echan Deravy) interviewed me about my life and animal communication.

If you missed this you can hear it from here.

Today, I would like to talk about his movie.

He went across an Island for 33 days barefoot.

This is a documentary about his journey.

I didn't know anything about "Earthing" until I met him.

So, I took off my socks and sandals, I'm writing this blog with my bare feet now with my lovely Fluffy under the cherry tree in my yard.

You might have thought what's "Earthing"?

It's to connect you with the Earth when you are barefoot.

Without socks, without shoes, walking on the ground.

You can sit as long as your barefoot feet are touching the ground. This ground doesn't mean asphalt. It means grass or soil, or sand by the sea, it means nature.

It's very simple and yet there are lots going on in your physical body. This has a great effect on inflammation.

TMJ, PMS, chronic pain would disappear and you can sleep better.

You can watch this video about this in detail.

Sickness starts from inflammation so it can work for all sorts of sickness. I think I have inflammation in my knee so I hope "Earthing" will help me with this.

It might be hard for people who are living in the big city surrounded by concrete, but you can try at a park.

We are all energy, "Earthing" means it connects with everything. You will know and feel we are one.

John's movie will be held in Tokyo.

June. 23rd. (Sat)

From 3 PM to 5 PM

More information from here.

If you happened to be around there please watch it.

Love and Peace


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