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When the guides offering a hand

Hi. Everyone. I'm Keiko. I'm a soul level animal communicator®. This past week went by so fast. My laptop suddenly turned blue with a frown face. I've been using this laptop for the last 4 years, so I ordered a new battery, right after I placed the order, it did the same without the battery.

So, I realized I have to get a new one before this one packs it in. So, I phoned a store, but it was out of stock.

I live in a rural area, so when I go to town, I try to fit everything in one day, but my hubby and I figured out it's impossible to do everything in one day. So, we decided to get my hubby’s blood test done first, then bring my kitty to the vet is the main things to do for that day.

It looked busy everywhere we went. People and cars everywhere. But surprisingly, when we needed to cross the highway it was clear.

While I was grocery shopping, Hubby was changing the battery for the van, it was getting dark, and he was having a hard time. Suddenly a man showed up and helped him with his flashlight.

While I was shopping, I went to see if the laptop was in stock but it wasn’t. But when my hubby bought the new battery, he also talked to somebody about the laptop and found out that some of them came in that day. A guy was digging out all sorts of boxes of laptops so we found an inexpensive one for me, and it was the only one left.

When you focus on bad things that happen to you, the emotion that comes with the incident, we tend to see only the bad things, but your guides are helping you, always giving you a hand for you to take.

Have you noticed the love and help that your guides offer?

Love and Peace


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