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Can cats be eccentric as well as humans?

Hi. Everyone.

I am Keiko. I am a soul level animal communicator®.

It's getting really cold out, almost freezing.

When this season comes, my kitties come into my bedroom and sleep with me. They are the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up. My heart is filled with joy when I see this.

My first boy, Cocoa, brings me gifts.

If you have lived with cats, you may have experienced this phenomenon.

I remember when he was still a kitten, he brought me a pillow almost twice or three times bigger than his body.

I wrote about this in my blog before.

If it was an outside cat who brought me these gifts, the gift would be a dead mouse or a bug, but inside kitties bring toys instead.

Cocoa is all grown up now, and he still brings me gifts.

But he has a very peculiar way of doing this.

When he brings me a gift, he holds it in his mouth, therefore, his mouth is half open.

When he does this, he is so happy, so he purrs.

Because his mouth is half open, I could hear these purrs and his high-pitched voice at the same time from far away.

I couldn't figure this noise out for a while, but I know it now.

His body is all black, his eyes wide open, holding a toy. He loves to play with the cap of the almond milk.

The only thing I see when he comes to me in the dark is a white cap on his mouth.

But with the peculiar sound he makes, I know what's happening.

When he finds me, he drops the cap and looks at me with his huge round eyes. I can tell his anticipation and expectation of my reaction.

Of course, I am happy when he does this, so I praise him with enthusiasm and a little exaggeration.

What peculiar things do your pets do?

Love and Peace



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