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I made a new friend -Part2-

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Continued from last week.

As I expected Sophie was walking toward me, so I called her name. She looked surprised, and I could tell that she was thinking of running away. So, immediately I squatted and made myself smaller, and told her that I meant no harm.

Suddenly, Sophie came to me with a really pretty meow and she was all over me.

I asked her if I can pet her, and she said ok, so I petted her. I know how their fur feels, but feeling her fur in my hands made me realize how much I miss my kitties. I told her about my neighbour who is staying in the hospital and all of my kitties who have passed away so I don't live with any kitties right now, and if she wants to, she can live with me. At this point, I was in tears. While I was telling all of this, Sophie was nudging her face all over me with a cute meow. In the way, she was healing me.

tuxedo kitty sitting outside

Then, all of a sudden, she went to my garden pots, particularly, the one with wire around it. She sniffed it once, and then she leaned on the table, standing with two paws, and looked around other pots. I knew exactly what she was doing. She was looking for the kitty nip. I grow them in summer and put wire around the pot so that stray kitties can enjoy the kitty nip growing outside of the wire and keep some for my kitties.

I told her there is no kitty nip growing in the wintertime.

As soon as I told her, she left me.

What was all those nudging and meowing?

Feeling the wind even colder, thinking that was all for kitty nip? but I knew she wants kitty nip for sure, so I put out a small amount of kitty nip in the dish outside. I don't know who ate it but it was gone after a couple of hours.

I told my husband all about it, he was surprised and he couldn't believe Sophie actually came to me.

I saw her here and there in the past, but this was my first time she came to me.

Next day...

To be continued for part 3.

Love and Peace



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