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The angels can help you in ways you never imagined possible.

Hi. Everyone.

I am Keiko. I am a soul level animal communicator®.

My husband and I went to town the other day to take his ID photo.

The day before I go out, I always ask the angels for smooth sailing.

Usually, I'm ready to go way before him, and I ended up waiting for him for two hours that day.

The plan was to take an ID photo, buy groceries then get a signature from a guarantor.

Not any person can be this guarantor. It has to be a certain occupation. So, he was going to ask his pharmacist.

To get there from this town, it takes about 30 min. We left home 2 hours later than we planned.

It was Saturday so the pharmacy would close earlier. Everything was counting on how fast we could do other errands.

While my hubby was taking the photo, I went to the grocery store.

I was walking very fast, almost running. It was just before the Super Bowl, so it was very busy.

I didn't think I could put more stuff in my cart, and I got what I needed, so I proceeded to the cashier.

After the cashier processed about half of the stuff, I

realized I did not have my credit card with me.

I must have put it in a different purse.

I didn't have that much cash on me, and I didn't know how else I could pay for it until my husband could get here.

So, I asked the cashier if she could wait or pause my stuff so that other people could go through.

I don't have a cell phone so I couldn't call him.

Then, the cashier suggested announcing his name in the store.

I didn't even know if he was in the store or not.

I didn't know what to do. Just hoping for him to find me.

Then, I saw him three lanes over where I was. I screamed his name!

He had heard the announcement, and he had something that he wanted to buy.

I told him what was happening, and with unbelievable timing, we could pay for everything.

Then we went to the other store, and while he was getting gas, I put all the stuff I needed in my cart and went to the meet-up place in the store.

Then I saw him entering the store.

This had never happened before.

Without wasting any minutes, we paid for the stuff and went to see a pharmacist.

He was super nice. He could say no anytime, but he signed everything, and we finished everything we had to do that day.

I don't think the day would have gone so smoothly without the help from the angels.

The angels can help you in ways you never imagined possible.

Love and Peace


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