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Is it a symbol?

Hi. Everybody.

I’m Keiko. I’m a Soul Level Animal Communicator.

You may all know already, there are 4 different ways to receive your intuition mainly. (There are more like smell or taste.)

Clairvoyance - see - seeing a picture or movie.

Clairsentience - feel - information comes in as feeling

Claircognizance - know - You know but you don't know how you know.

Clairaudience - hear - hearing voice or song

Usually one of them is the mainly strongest but when you use more of your intuition, the second one is kicking in.

In the beginning, I had no idea of which one of them is my thing, but as I learned animal communication, gradually I kind of realized how the information comes to me. To figure this out you need practice. There is no way around it.

My strongest is Claircognizance.

This one is very difficult to be aware of.

Trust issue will come up with this one because there is no certain thing for sure like seeing or feeling. Adding to that, you have no idea where it came from.

Learning animal communication, I had to choose who would be my helper animal (It's a guide.) my black kitty Fluffy showed me a vision that her both eyes were glowing bluish flame. Since that vision, things that I couldn't see before I started to see.

It's nice to be able to see but sometimes, I don't understand what I saw. Recently I see the vision then knowing comes later so that I will understand the meaning of that vision.

There are 2 kinds of things that I see, one is literally the other one is a symbol.

This symbol, you have to learn it with trial and error.

Because it's meaning is different for everyone.

Recently, a German shepherd showed up in my reading several times, even though the dog that I was reading was a small dog. Since I know that animals use the experience of the reader (me) to send information, I have the ability to finally understand this message. Here’s how:

In my mind, a German Shepherd is cop dog and cop dogs are very smart and obedient. This is exactly what the dog that I was reading was trying to tell me that he was very smart and obedient.

What symbols have you discovered yourself?

Do you know what they mean?

Please share here!

Love and Peace,


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