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Me, My kitties and the Parallel Universe

Have you ever heard of the Parallel Universe?

We exist in different dimensions.

According to the late Dolores Cannon,

When you come to the crossroad in your life, you choose A, then B, which would become the Parallel Universe.

( E.g. the person you married or didn't marry)

When you have a big decision to make, or after you decided, you are still thinking what-ifs, the Parallel Universe is created.

Another word, The Parallel Universe exists when you put energy in it. Also, once the Parallel Universe is created but then you stop thinking about it (stop putting the energy into another decision), it will dissipate.

You think why am I talking about such a deep concept?

I learned this through Animal Communication.

The human soul and animal soul will sign the contract before we are born, what human soul wants to learn in this lifetime, and animal soul will help that learning.

The animal soul will choose the body to be born for the human to learn that lesson the easiest way.

But it's not decided "When" this animal comes to human.

I thought this is relative to the Parallel Universe.

Just think about it.

If I didn't move, I wouldn't meet my kitty.

If I didn't go to that place, I wouldn't meet my dog.

If I didn't see that person, I wouldn't meet my rabbit.

I'm sure you can think these sort of things.

Because we all have free will, it depends on the decision we make, our life that we planned before we were born differs a little.

So the soul of the animal doesn't know "when" or "what age of the human", because it's unforeseeable how far the human soul can grow up to that point.

Your animal was born to help you beyond time and space.

When you realize this, your perspective changes toward your loving animals.

Love and Peace


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