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Who’s the boss? A cat’s point of view

The teaching assistant job that I’m helping for the class that started from last week is going really well, even more than I expected.

I felt melancholic. Thinking that only a couple years ago, I felt just like this when I was taking the class.

I prefer writing than speaking. I don't know why I get that nervous when I speak up. I wonder why I am this way, but this is the way I am.

Meanwhile, things happened to me.

This is such a big news, but I don't know if this will really happen, it almost sounds like a dream, so I will write about this on next week’s blog. After this thing really happened.

By the way, I encountered this the other day.

For some reason, Tara keeps appearing on my blog.

She seemed not feeling good.

When I observed her, she looked like she had a bladder infection. She goes to the litter, but nothing comes out. She even went outside of the litter, and I saw a drop of looked like blood.

She is 15 years old. This could be aging thing.

My youngest daughter Uriel, keeps bugging Tara, ambushing her waiting in front of the kitty door, when Tara comes out Uriel would attack her so that Tara can't come out from the room. No matter how much Tara shows her anger, Uriel never gives up.

I think Tara couldn't take it anymore, so it showed on her body.

(Urinary infection)

I took her to the vet, they gave her pills (antibiotics) and she is fine now as if nothing happened.

Between Tara and Uriel, there is a war going on.

War of "who is the boss"

They both think they are the top cat.

Tara, sees herself as the "Queen", she wishes to keep Uriel in one room and make her stay there.

Uriel, she thinks she is prettier than Tara, therefore, she thinks she is better than her.

But the top cat in my household is Fluffy. She is the oldest.

In fact, this power struggle has a deeper meaning.

They are modeling for me to be a leader.

A leader, who is not afraid of anything, and will have unwavering confidence.

I think I'm making the step towards that way but I guess it's still not enough. So, I'm going to try harder.

What is your animal teaching you?

Love and Peace


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