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Animals and the other side

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko, the soul level animal communicator.

My teacher held a webinar the other day.

It's called "Animals and the other side."

About 200 to 300 people would watch the webinar.

(It's recorded so people can watch it later.)

There were 100 people when it was live.

I was very surprised with this number.

I guess it’s because everyone could experience this if you are an animal lover.

My Sunney is also on the other side.

People who asked the questions, couldn't speak without being emotional, which is understandable.

But if you get emotional when you speak,

you are re-experiencing things that happened before, over and over in your mind.

Things like...

I should have done it that way,

If I noticed earlier, I could have saved the animal,

I was just like this before I learned animal communication.

Have you noticed?

These are all human emotions, human way of thinking.

What do you think from the animal's point of view?

The animal doesn't think death like a human.

In fact, the animal decides when, where, How and who is around.

There is no coincidence.

If you know about this, you can stop blaming yourself.

I would like to say to those people, that if your animal who has crossed over, saw you right now, how do you think they feel? If they saw you blaming yourself, does it makes them happy? Please ask yourself.

Your soul decided to learn things before you were born to this life, and the animal agreed to help you.

They are helping you even after crossing the rainbow bridge.

They might bring you a new animal,

They teach the other animals what to do or how to behave so that the other animals act just like the ones who crossed over. They try so hard to tell you from the other side.

How do they tell you from other side?

the dream is the easy one.

You may hear their bark in everyday life,

or you may just feel them when you are sleeping.

You might think you just made it up.

Have you ever received a sigh from the other side?

Love and Peace


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