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Who is the leader?

Hi. Everyone.

I live with three cats.

They are all rescued kitties.

The one thing I always keep in my mind is "Hierarchy." I try to keep the order in their relationship.

I try to keep the oldest one to be respected.

My first daughter is Fluffy, she will be 16 years old this year.

She is mellow but also a leader that everyone is counting on. Since she is in the beginning stage of kidney disease, I introduced her to homemade meals, but she is very finicky, she doesn't eat much.

The second daughter is Tara, she is 15.

She is very territorial, she thinks she is a queen of some sort, but she is also very sensitive.

She hates dry food, she would rather starve to death than eat dry food.

The third daughter is Uriel, she is 7.

She is feisty but very impertinent at the same time, but once she leaves the household, she turns into a baby. Just like Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hyde. When she was born, she was starving, so she eats anything and everything.

I witnessed this the other day.

Fluffy left most of the food that I gave her in the morning.

At lunchtime, I thought that she would never eat this, but I gave the leftovers to Fluffy again anyway.

To my surprise, she starts to eat that leftover.

It's time for food, so Tara and Uriel are around, and they know Fluffy is eating.

To my surprise, I thought Tara and Uriel would steal Fluffy's food, but amazingly, it didn't happen.

I know Tara wants to eat Fluffy's food, but she just laid down and waited. She didn't even beg me for her food.

At the same time, Uriel just waited quietly.

I couldn't believe my eyes.