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Cocoa has to know about everything

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

Today was warm, but up until yesterday, it was still chilly out.

The cherry tree in the front yard.

cherry tree in April

Cherry tree in the backyard.

It has just started to bud.

cherry tree budding

cherry tree bud

I was doing the laundry, cleaning the bedding the other day. I noticed that the TV remote control was missing. I don't know what I was thinking, but I thought I put it in the laundry with bedding.

So, I searched in the washer without avail. Then Cocoa came into the room and jumped on the washer, watching what I was doing. He must have thought that I was doing strange things.

Next, I thought maybe it was on the floor of the bedroom, so I searched on the floor. Then Cocoa comes in and looks at me on the floor. He was wondering what I was doing.

Finally, I found it, but Cocoa wants to know everything.

Changing the subject,

I was in the backyard with my kitties. Pixie is very sensitive to noise, if he hears any noise or voices from the neighbours, he comes inside.

Cocoa was already outside, but he wanted in. So, I opened the door and let him in.

I was still outside, and I heard a scratching noise from inside of the house. I knew it was Cocoa, he wanted out again. So, I opened the door, but he wouldn't come out.

I understand what he is trying to do right away.

He was telling me to leave the door open a little so that Pixie can come out. So I did, then Cocoa came out, and Pixie followed.

black kitty Cocoa

Cocoa is so smart and very caring.

Then, later that day,

Ruby climbed up on the apple tree.

It was pretty high, more than 3 meters high.

Ruby climbing an apple tree

I was so worried about her.

Then Cocoa came by my feet and told me not to worry. He stayed with me until Ruby came down.

Cocoa has even taken care of my emotional state.

When you know what your pet is telling you, your love deepens even more.

Love and Peace



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