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The story behind the interview

Hi. Everyone.

I’m Keiko. I’m a soul level animal communicator®.

The California Queal that I wrote in my blog has 10 or so babies now. I don't know exactly where they are, but they are around.

This is the event that I did last month. If you have time, please watch this.

An inside story about this,

there were two people who asked a question in this interview.

One of them started like this,

"My Frenchie is a Unicorn."

I know nothing about the type of dog, so I thought she was asking me to read the Unicorn whose name is Frenchie.

I kept my cool in this interview but I broke into a cold sweat at this moment.

I explained that my reading is not like power animal readings, then she told me that Frenchie is a type of dog, and her name is Ripley who is living with this person.

My cold sweat was like a waterfall at this point.

The question this person asked was completely different from the normal Soul Level Animal Communication reading that I do, but I tried my best to answer the question that she asked. I think it was more of a psychic reading than an animal communication reading.

I really feel that every time I encounter new experiences there is something to learn from this.

When you become an animal communicator, you become psychic naturally. Everybody has this ability, but the difference is trusting what you received.

Do you trust your psychic ability?

Love and Peace



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