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Hi. Everyone.

My teacher, Danielle Mckinnon, held a class about Clairsentience.

Clairsentience is one of the psychic abilities that we possess, and the way to get the information is to feel.

In my opinion, I think almost all Japanese have this psychic ability. This one is quite common lots of people have this ability, whether the person knows this or not.

This clairsentience, I don't like it. I don't want to admit that I have this ability, because I get overwhelmed by it. I feel that this emotion will take over my body.

As an animal communicator, I hear many sad or tragic stories from clients. There are many cases that my clients cry explaining these situations to me. If I let my emotions take over me, I can't do this work, but I'm only human so I can not feel these feelings.

Something happened to me the other day.

My animal communication style is that I ask the animal what the human is learning from them, but there was an incident that I couldn't make sense of it. Especially, the human did something thinking that it will be good for the animal, that ended up causing the passing of the animal.

I told my teacher what I was struggling with. She gave me the advice to connect the stray cat that I saw on the Facebook and ask this cat what's the message was for me.

This stray cat passed because the human gave him a flea drop thinking that this will help this cat, but that medication was too strong for him.

It was challenging to connect this stray cat because every time I try, tears came down on me.

This cat told me that it was his time. Please don't feel sad because I don't. It was the only way. This had to happen for the other kitty to go to his place. (It's like plan A had to happen for plan B to succeed.)

Then he said, how ( he passed ) doesn't matter. He said I’m getting a tunnel vision. Don't get caught up on that. See the bigger picture.

I found out later that this person who was caring for the kitty was looking for somebody to take both of the cats. If this one didn't pass, it was difficult for the other one to go to this human.

The animal thinks passing in a different way, I know this in my mind, yet it's really hard to understand it. But this stray cat gave me a completely different perspective.

When you have a strong feeling about something without even thinking about it in everyday life, this might be a sign for you. If you allow this feeling, you may find deeper understandings.

Love and Peace


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